Super Normal Will Be Taking An Indefinite Hiatus

It’s Sunday, I’m laying on my couch having an anxiety attack, and this podcast, as well as all of it’s social media, are coming to a halt today.

When I started Super Normal, I had the hopes of chatting folks from all areas of life, hoping to highlight the good and bad and complexity in all of us. Over time, I found myself transforming, becoming a more whole and self assured person. I allowed myself to use many labels I deemed too far away for a long time, and let myself breath a little more with each episode. I wanted this podcast to be great, career building even, and because of that I took it very seriously, spending nearly 40 hours a week on it for no pay, on top of my 2 other jobs. Well, with my mental and physical health, that’s not sustainable.

I got overwhelmed, resentful, and lazy and folks have been hurt because of it. I am choosing to take time away from this podcast to reevaluate myself and my life. I don’t know how to properly share someone, unresearched as the show’s format was, without sounding like I endorse or promote them because what I’ve created so far was obviously lazy and biased. Quite often in journalism, folks report, not share opinions. At least that’s what we are supposed to do. And for a while that’s what I did here, and sometimes I clearly did not. I don’t know what’s going to become of this project, and frankly I don’t care right now.

All I know is I’m not mentally healthy enough to make the decisions that need to be made. I’m not fit to reconcile things they way they should be. And I’m not okay to keep having these conversations that need to be had right now because I am overwhelmed, sick, and suffering and if I continue, you folks will suffer as well. So with that, I hope you all have a beautiful day and continue to reflect on yourselves, working toward a better world, but keeping yourself accountable. I hope you all learn to love yourselves, but acknowledge you must let your passion die if it causes pain. And I hope you realize this account has been run by a broken girl who needs to get off her ass and put herself back together before she has the right to tell other folks what to do.

With Love & Gratitude,

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