About Super Normal

Super Normal is a podcast about humans sharing their stories in hopes of showing who we really are.  In a world where social media corners the market on communication, this podcast allows for connection on a deeper level through new insights and understandings.  Super Normal hopes to break down preexisting notions, inspire through story, and open your mind to new types of people and experiences. Please note that Sam does not agree with, condone, or promote any opinions of her guests outside of the podcast.

About Sam

Sam Sedlack was raised in upstate New York. She began her career in media at fifteen, participating in the youth radio program at WJFF.  Sam attended college at Hofstra University and quickly worked her way to Program Director of Music where she was nominated for CMJ Rookie of the Year.  Sam also help bring in the NAB Marconi for non-commercial station of the year, College Radio Station of the year at the 2015 mtvU Woodies, and received multiple awards for leadership during her tenure.

After several internships and jobs in media, Sam felt disheartened by the exploitation of marginalized identities.  Acknowledging that she had the privilege of being an educated white woman, Sam wanted to build a platform to let people tell their own stories.

It’s extremely important to note that while preparing for her interviews on Super Normal, Sam does not prepare questions for her guests.  Each interview has an organic, conversational style that is unique to the guests.  The episode begins with the guest’s introduction, where they are told to include as much or as little information as they feel comfortable with and the conversation stems from there–this is crucial to staying with the authentic storytelling Sam hopes to share with her audience.


Dianna Albanese – Marketing Manager

Dianna Albanese is a Millennial, Long Island native, lost in Jersey City.  By day, she’s a corporate communications and social media coordinator for an NYC publishing firm.  By night, she’s putting together marketing and social media strategies for small business owners.  She’s a badass kick boxer,  blogger, and avid fan of the sci-fi section of her local book store.

Dianna whole-heartedly supports the Super Normal movement. Super Normal presents the opportunity to discuss labels and open the floor to conversation about taboo topics. She’s battled with obsessive compulsive disorder for many years, hates the stretch marks on her butt and has “bad blood,” as doctors like to describe her autoimmune issues. Anxiety, stretch marks, health talk? Super fucking Normal.

Athena Alex – Photographer
Athena Kanterakis is a social media consultant the Super Normal staff photographer. Athena identifies strongly with her Greek heritage and encourages others to proudly celebrate their cultures. With a passion for education and children, Athena also works as a pre-school teacher at her community’s local Greek Orthodox church.

Through photography, Athena aims to shed light on the important issues Super Normal covers. Speaking in a previous episode on the transparency social media lacks, she continues to grow as a micro-influencer, recognizing her platform as a privilege. To contact Athena for photography services, email athena@athenaalex.com.