What Postmodern Jukebox Is Doing For Music

In today’s day and age it’s hard not to find a cover of something on YouTube, Vimeo, or sites-alike, but if you’ve happened somehow to miss the incredible vision that is Postmodern Jukebox you’re missing a movement.

PMJ, as they call it, is the YouTube channel of Scott Bradlee and others with featured, more well known artists who contribute to making “pop music in a time machine.” With a roaring 20’s inspired band, singers of the likes of Mykal Kilgore, Casey Abrams, and Von Smith reinvent overdone, played out hits into something beautiful again that Top 40 radio has yet to ruin. You may recognize Abrams from American Idol several seasons ago and his female counterpart from the same year, Haley Reinhart, with an equally eclectic style has made herself the star of PMJ.

Reinhart, admittedly, is my reason for falling in love with this channel of covers. Her release from Idol was when I realized reality TV was a sham and denounced that show and every other one like it for good because how could you not be IN LOVE with her?

I’m of the Steve Jobsian school of thought: the people don’t know what they want until you give it to them. PMJ is the exact thing that music needs right now. With electronic music increasingly taking over the industry, even artists like Justin Bieber are falling into the the trap of collaborating with EDM sensations. Postmodern Jukebox is like musical methadone, curing you of withdrawal from a lack of instruments by hitting you over the head with big band style arrangements. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED PEOPLE. You’ve been waiting for a vintage cover of Creep by Radiohead which Reinhart captures more creepily than the original.

Sounds intriguing but don’t know where to start because your musical intelligence has been so burnt out, dormant for so long, that you’re unsure of what is good or bad? Not to worry, start with this New Orleans dirge style cover of the White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army. Next, once you have stretched your attention span longer than the 6 second Vines you’re so used to watching, watch this Ella Fitzgerald inspired Bad Blood remake that demolishes Taytay and her cats. Then when you think that you can’t be impressed any more because this must start getting old, watch Haley take on Britney with her Oops!…I Did It Again cover that makes me wish I was born in the 1890’s so I could have lived through the roaring 20’s.

Just do it kids, it is good for your soul. I promise you.

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